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Our goal at Reddy Psychiatry is to provide the best psychiatric care by individual attention and thorough evaluation. We understand the cost of mental illness on a person and family. We serve a small client base and strive to provide outstanding service. We provide quick appointments and adequate time for addressing clients' needs. 



Adarsh Reddy MD, PhD

Adarsh Reddy, MD, PhD

I have been in psychiatric practice for six years. I completed my residency training from Washington University in St. Louis Psychiatry residency program in 2015. I have practiced in wide-ranging settings including outpatient, emergency services, inpatient and substance abuse services.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Reddy Psychiatry

400 West Capitol Ave, Suite 1750,

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 

Tel: 501-500-9919

Fax: 501-441-2304

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